HR Consulting

If you are moving from a small or medium size company to an established company and need a support in setting all HR & Organizational systems, then 360 Experiential Solutions is your right choice!

Project Delivery Methodology:

The project will be delivered in 4 phases as follows:

Phase One – Announcement


A kick off meeting will be held with center’s CEO/Founder to discuss the following:

  • Current investment ,financial status and future plan
  • Current vision, mission and strategic objectives
  • Review organizational information. For example, history, products and services, current activities, current and future partnerships
  • Organizational hierarchy
  • Indicators of dissatisfaction with current conditions
  • Main competitors

Based on kick off meeting an agreement will be made to:

  • Confirm/modify this proposed plan
  • Confirm project objectives and expected outcomes
  • Confirm CEO/Founder commitment to take both corrective and preventive actions by either changing conditions or enabling center members to adapt and adjust to changing conditions.

Time Frame:Two Working Days


Phase Two – Organizational Diagnosis


Human Resources Diagnosis: Will include the following

  • Meeting with HR Manager/Responsible to assess HR efforts and functions
  • Conduct interviews with employees
  • Monitor employees performance during a normal working day
  • Collect data related to workplace policies and work governing rules

Operations Diagnosis: will include the following:

  • Visits to headquarter and branches (if exist)
  • Interview operation personnel to collect all available data related to the operation process flow and implemented work procedures
  • Collect data related to customers’ feedback (through surveys, focus groups, direct feedback)
  • Collect data related to current/future operational requirements of local/international partners
  • Collect data related to currently used sales/marketing channels
  • Collect data related to operation expenditures and revenues

Infrastructure Diagnosis: will include the following:

  • Collect all available data related to efficiency and quantity of used equipment, tools and resources
  • Collect data related to efficiency of existing IT infrastructure

Time Frame: Five Working Days


Phase Three – Data Organization and Report Preparation


Collected data will be analyzed and organized in order to produce the SWOT & gap analysis report that will address each element mentioned in the “Objectives” section

Time Frame: Two Working Days


Phase Four Feedback Meeting


A meeting will be held with center’s CEO/Founder to present findings report, feedback of results, prioritized issues and recommendations

Time Frame:One Working Day