360 Experiential Solutions Assessments

Over 25 years of research and development have gone into our employee assessment system to ensure that you have fast,
accurate, cost effective and EEOC Compliant results.


The flagship of our system is the candidate profile. The report provides 8 to 18 pages of the applicant’s character and talent traits
along with what you may expect from the applicant. This is a vital tool to help you evaluate an individual’s weak and strong points.
The report will help you make the right decisions as to where this person best fits in your company and where you will need to offer
direction and training. Hiring the wrong candidate for the position helps neither you nor the candidate.


Discover the candidate’s personality type with this simple assessment. Discover the true personality of your potential employee with the P60.
Are they a born leader? A supporter? A networker? With a simple analysis you can discover if they are right for your company and compatible with
their department.


This survey uses group-based opinions to help you evaluate the overall engagement of your employees. Since an engaged workforce is so
important to a company’s long-term achievement, it is essential that every measure is taken to understand a staff’s level of engagement.
The first step to measuring employee engagement is to issue an employee engagement survey.


The Custom Aptitude is multiple-choice based and customized for your company. You can apply up to 60 questions with a range of 5
possible answers.


The Custom Survey is used to form opinions from a group-based standpoint. By using general questions you can create a
survey for your designated groups and receive anonymous results and comments.


The I.Q. Assessment will demonstrate how well an applicant can reason and resolve problems.


The Sales Aptitude measures applicants in 11 different areas and provides insight into what type of salesperson they are.
You will discover at which level their sales ability is, and in what areas they need training.


Usually the basics are the best place to start. This program is perfectly suited to bring a well rounded view of problem solving and
literary performance.


Over the past decade, 360-degree feedback has revolutionized performance management. Employee feedback is essential for an organization’s
success in training, evaluation and growth.


The Management Aptitude is an effective tool in measuring one’s leadership abilities as well as identifying areas for development.


The Project Management Aptitude is designed to help an organization determine the basic skills of new Project Managers or to assess
existing Project Managers in their capabilities for extra tasks and responsibility.


The ability to send all of your assessments and surveys securely from your account to your employees and clients is an essential feature.
There is no limit to the places you can reach by sending any Assessment or Survey from within your account. Send mass assessments of up to 100
applicants / employees at a single time and receive instant notification of completion via email.


If you have employees in a department who are performing well, does it not make sense to hire the same type of person for that department?
With the benchmark program you can! Each time you run a Candidate Profile you have the opportunity to create, compare and utilize results to
create accurate benchmarks to match your current employees. By using various existing and custom benchmarks to see how close the scores and
personality types are, you will see in seconds if the applicant you are looking at “fits” the position and department.


Every report is custom labeled with your company logo and contact information.